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The Victory Prize


"The victory is abiding in Christ. Being known by God is the ultimate prize."

Watch and listen as Phillip Fields teaches out of Phillipians 3:1-14 this week.

In this chapter, Paul is writing to the church of Phillipi while he is in a Roman prison.

The best thing about Paul was not what he did, but how God changed him.

Paul found Jesus in dark places. In his weakness, God showed up.

We are in a season of correction.

In God's efforts to release change into the world, He releases it into His people first.

If we are going to bring change then we must first be changed.

In this hour, we are going to need to allow God to be our stronghold.

In this hour, we are going to need to allow God to change us.

In this hour, we are going to need to rejoice in the Lord.

No matter what darkness comes our we need to stand steadfast in Him.

During this season where more and more challenges and attacks come our way, we must remember that He is our victory.

Knowing the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega, and the Begining and the End is the greatest prize.

We are so undeserving in our brokenness to get to know Him.

But no matter what we face, He is our victory.

We do not want to miss out on playing our role.

He is beyond worthy of us sacrificing our comforts, routines, and goals to fulfill our purpose in the kingdom of God in this hour.

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