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The Scarlet Thread: The Cord of Courage


Follow along as Pastor Phillip Fields teaches out of Joshua 2:7-24 for Mother's Day.


There is a scarlet thread throughout the Old Testament into the New Testament and it is very clearly woven into everything that God does. Phillip begins to unpack the impact of this scarlet thread as it turns into a cord of courage that saves a generation.

If we are going to summarize the move of God, we can use one word: redemption.

Redemption is this supernatural work of God.

Now many people tend to reduce this word as something that we can relate to.

Redemption isn't that simple. Redemption is ONLY something God can do.


Continue listening as Phillip unpacks the connection between God's redemption and how that created the cord of courage.

Follow along each week at 10:00 AM (EDT) Sunday mornings on our youtube channel.

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