• Phillip Fields

The Pike Syndrome: The End of the Church?

What happened to that pike?

The pike quit doing the most basic, most natural thing it was created to do; feed itself.

Is this a picture of the Church?

God's people have quit doing what we are called to do; advance the kingdom.

Why have we given up?

Christians give up because they allow their disappointments to turn into unbelief.

THE CHURCH is like that Pike, we have given up because we feel powerless to be a source of positive change.

  • Barna reported that 1 in 5 churches will close after the pandemic.

  • Church attendance since the beginning of Covid has dramatically declined.

  • The "Organized Church" that meets in buildings across the country every Sunday morning may shut down, but The "Church", The Ekklesia will NEVER DIE!

"The Organized Church" vs "The Ekklesia"

"The Organized Church" was created by man to make a big, powerful money making-machine

  • Pastors/leaders are chosen like NFL quarterbacks to take the team to a Superbowl.

  • They are told to preach messages that make people "feel good."

  • Exciting Sunday morning experiences attract crowds of people like football fans who sit on their backside consuming beer and hot dogs expecting their quarterback to win the game.

  • The pastor is judged by the elders who serve as Monday-morning commentators who analyze Sunday morning performances.

  • The bottom line for the pastor is his performance must put more butts in the seats.

  • It all comes down to power and money. The more butts you have in the seats the more money you have on the offering plate. The more money you have the more power you have.

  • This is called church growth.

  • But the reality is that this model burns out pastors, chews up volunteers and distorts the reason for Church.

"The Ekklesia" was launched by Jesus to bring salvation to the world.

  • It was not a lucrative business model to make Christians fat and happy.

  • Jesus wanted to duplicate HIMSELF - His nature, His miracles, His deliverance, His freedom, and His salvation.