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The Final Redemption: The End of Days

*Begin listening at timestamp 58:03*


Phillip Fields this week as he continues to teach out of the book of Daniel.

He has been teaching about the prophecies of Daniel and their significance and relevance to us today. Follow along with him as he guides us through Daniel 10-12.


"It is easy for us to lose the significance of why Jesus came.

We want to be able to live from that place.

If we go back, it gives us the ability to absorb what God has for us.

In Daniel 10, Daniel is now in his nineties and has seen all the ups and downs of his current culture. Currently, in chapter 10, the Jews have been emancipated. They can finally return to their homeland, but many of them chose not to go back. As Daniel is at a river praying.

We cannot in our human nature fully understand and prepare for what God has for us today without prayer. "


To hear more of this teaching, start listening at timestamp 58:03.

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