• Phillip Fields

The Final Chapter

Did Jesus rise from the dead? The answer to that question determines everything. Your conclusion about the resurrection sets in motion your faith or lack of it.

If you believe that Jesus was a great prophet, a man who did miracles and one who suffered a brutal death on the cross but did not resurrect from the dead, then your faith in Jesus serves no purpose.

If you believe that Jesus was both God and man who was sent by the Father to give His life for our sins by dying on the cross and rising to life after being buried three days, then your faith has the potential to empower you to live as a supernatural overcomer.

The goal of every gospel writer in the New Testament is to prove that His resurrection was legitimate. Why? Because there were no eyewitnesses that saw it happen. The truth is that many bystanders watched Him be crucified. The big struggle for His most intimate followers and the religious leaders who ordered His crucifixion was to grasp His resurrection.

The resurrection was essential to God's guaranteed salvation plan for mankind.

The timing for Christ to rise 3 days after His death was spoken about on many occasions by Christ, but the disciples were buried in their emotions and filled with unbelief when Christ was arrested and hung on a cross to die the most brutal form of death known to mankind. They could not remember how He literally improved their whole way of life let alone think to recall His prophecies about the immediate future.

He fulfilled over 300 old testament prophecies about His life:

  • His birth

  • His life

  • His death

  • His burial

But somehow the disciples forgot the resurrection.

That would be like telling the story of the American Revolution without talking about the Boston Tea Party.

In John 20:11-18, John the Apostle writes to fill in the gaps of the other gospel writers.

The Jews believed that the Messiah would come, but they did not believe He would die. They certainly did not believe He would be resurrected.

The story picks up with Mary Magdalene who is the first person to check out the grave.

Her motivation was driven by her deep affection for Christ:

  • She was delivered from 7 demons by Him.

  • She traveled with Him and supported His ministry.

  • She was committed to Him because He totally transformed her life.