• Phillip Fields

The Cornerstone for an Unshakeable Foundation

The Father’s Love (Phillip and Wilson Fields taken before Wilson's baptism)

What remains after everything is shaken?

We are seeing man's kingdoms collapse, governments are falling, corporations are failing, churches are closing and public schools are indoctrinating children with lies.

What are you standing on? What is your sure foundation?

Where are you getting your strength to persevere?

Malachi prophesied: (Malachi 4:5,6)

Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

And he will turn

The hearts of the fathers to the children,

And the hearts of the children to their fathers...

This could be one of the greatest moments since the beginning of time.

We are staring at the potential launch of the third great awakening.

History will record one of two things depending on how we respond to the proclamation of Christ in John 15:9-17. Jesus possessed a personal power to overcome evil including a face-to-face showdown with the devil, the nonstop persecution of the Pharisees, the betrayal of his own band of brothers, the accusation that he was guilty of our sin, the most horrific death any innocent man has ever experienced and all of his overcoming authority was accomplished because of He was fueled by the FATHER'S LOVE.

Everything Jesus did, was the result of knowing and living from the FATHER'S LOVE FOR HIM AS A SON!

Sons know personal security and they know they have great value because they received the love of their fathers.

It is the biggest need in our lives and many times it is the thing that we lack the most.

Do you personally know the Father's love?

Many people find it easy to love Jesus but struggle to love the Father.

The problem is we relate to our earthly father the same with God the father.

If you had a painful relationship with your dad then you use that experience to create your image of God the Father.

It is important that we learn to know God the father for who he is and that any issues that we have with our earthly father that we don't project those on to God the father.