• Phillip Fields

The Battle for Domination

The history of the movement of the early church is a battle for domination between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light.

This was not a mere battle over doctrine or the traditions of men.

It was and is about dominion on Earth.

Satan knew then and he knows now whoever leads the nations controls the world.

The rule of authority and spiritual power was taken away from Satan by the triumphant victory won by Christ on the cross. Jesus' final instructions to His disciples were for them to disciple nations.

Now it is our turn, what actions will history record about our generation? Will we bring our King's dominion on the Earth?

Or will we allow the kingdom of darkness to reign?

The story of Saul's encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus is an example of the clash between kingdoms. Saul represented the religious elite, the ruling class, among the Judea. The disciples of Christ represented an underdog, fringe group of lower-class radicals that were rising up and breaking tradition. Saul was quickly making tracks to silence the uprising with violent persecution.

The people of God were scattered, separated, and strewn across the outlying regions of Judea seeking refuge from the persecution. Saul was empowered by the high court of the Sanhedrin to arrest them and to haul them to prison.

The Confrontation of Saul

In Acts 9:4 "He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, 'Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?''".

When God says "Saul, Saul", this repetition was used in Hebrew to show profound personal intimacy.

  • "Moses! Moses!" when he was on the mountain. (Exodus 3:4)

  • "Abraham! Abraham!" when he was about to sacrifice Isaac. (Genesis 22:11)

  • "O my son Absalom! My son, my son Absalom! If only I had died instead of you..." when David mourned the loss of his son. (2 Samuel 18:33)

  • "Eli, Eli lema sabachthani" which means "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" when Jesus was on the cross. (Matthew 27:46)

Why are you persecuting Me?

Saul did not personally know Jesus. But Jesus made it clear if you persecute my people you are persecuting me.

A warning to anyone persecuting God's people - Christ takes it personally.

If you persecute God's people then you are persecuting God.