• Phillip Fields

The Answer for Racism

How is America going to resolve our racial division?

The answer I found in scripture could change everything and heal the great divide.

Acts 10 tells the story of the first Gentile converting to Christianity.

Cornelius, a Roman officer, a gentile was on the opposite team of Peter the Apostle.

Cornelius could have been a Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany.

Peter would have been like Jews under occupation during WWII.

They were sworn, enemies.

They were born into two different ways of life, two different races, and two different worldviews.

They hated each other because they were conditioned to believe it was the right thing to do.


They had so much in common.

Cornelious and Peter believed in the same God.

They were devout prayer warriors.

They were devoted, family men.

They were zealous to defend their faith.

They were charitable to others.

But they were divided because Jews and Gentiles hate each other.

Jews hated Gentiles because they were nasty, unclean, and idolatrous.

Gentiles hated Jews because they were superior and religious fanatics.

But God had a plan to reconcile Jews and Gentiles.

God gave both men visions in which they discover their need for one another.

Putting these two people together is like oil and water. There's no mixture.

For Peter, it would have been forbidden to visit and communicate with Cornelius.

In the eyes of Peter, a Jew, Cornelius, and the Romans are lower citizens.

In the eyes of Cornelius, a Roman who had power looked down upon the Jews.

They justified their racism because it was encouraged.