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Our National Crisis



"In the book of Daniel 9, Daniel says an amazing pray of repentance for the nation.

He has been in captivity for 67 years and has watched empires fall and rise.

Anytime we see this type of global domination in scripture we need to recognize that is the force of darkness. The agenda to make a one-world government is never a move of God.

So here is Daniel praying in the midst of this. What is he praying for?

He is praying for repentance for the nation, his nation.

Why does he need to pray for repentance?

He is just a guy who lived in the nation.

Today I want us to catch a glimpse of what it means to advance a nation into redemption.

I believe God has a plan to redeem nations and that we are in the middle of God revealing to us how He wants to redeem us as a nation. "


Phillip Fields continues to teach out of the book of Daniel.

This Sunday he specifically references Daniel 9.

Listen to the remainder of the teaching starting at 50:40.

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