• Phillip Fields

Not-So-Happy Side of Mother's Day

Written by Darlena Fields

I do not have your typical Mother's Day message prepared.

Philip asked me to share on Mother's Day and I started praying about what to say as a beautiful tribute to all the mothers.

But all I could think about was how many Mother's Day sermons that I've sat through that just made me want to sink down in my seat.

I did not feel like I deserved to hear all the wonderful accolades expressed by the pastor or guest speaker, because I did not feel like I measured up to the standard of the "ideal Christian mom".

All of us women know, if you have been a Christian long enough, comes from Proverbs 31.

I cannot sew. I do not garden. I cannot even bake homemade cookies and I'm Mrs. Fields!

To this day I do not wake up before sunrise.

So the story in my head told me I was a bad mom.

Well to those pastor's credit, doing their darnedest to honor all the moms that were staring at them. I will admit, that at the moment, the pat on the back felt good.

It was like an "Ah, someone is finally making me feel appreciated. Acknowledging all that I do and sacrifice. All the sleepless nights, the diapers I have changed, and meals I have cooked."

But the minute I picked up my little ones from the church nursery and their hair was in shambles and their shoes were off and the nursery worker handing them back looked the same.

Or the moment during the Mother's Day lunch that the girls no longer used their inside voices and the table and floor around us looked like a food bomb went off and I felt like the whole restaurant was staring.

Or the second I walked in the door of my house and saw toys all over the floor and laundry piled high when all I wanted was to just relax and have an afternoon to myself.

I would go back to feeling like a bad mom, just like that.

So that is what I want to talk about today.

The not-so-happy side of Mother's Day.

Because it is real. It's a thing.