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Memorializing the Move of God

*start listening at timestamp 48:45*

Follow along as Pastor Phillip Fields continues to teach out of the book of Joshua about the Move of God.


The book of Joshua is a great example of the Move of God.

So what is a move of God?

It is when God‘s word manifests in the earth.

His word becomes real to us. That realness then becomes a transformation in us which births His will for our lives.

Ultimately the "why" behind the move of God is the fulfillment of His promise.

So we are looking at the book of Joshua and taking that as an example and we are saying DO IT AGAIN.

We are NOT going to wait for an eternity to say we finally get to experience God.

We don’t have to wait for someone else to bring it about.

We can have a move of God in our lives, individually and collectively, RIGHT NOW.


Continue to listen to Phillip Fields reach out of Joshua 4. Listen to Courageous Community Church live on Sundays at 10 AM EDT.

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