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God Does Not Apologize for His Discipline


"I cannot do what I need to do to restore a nation until I remove the evil."


More than ever, we need to be fully aware of what God is saying and how He is moving.

Not the sugar-coated, salvation-pray gospel, but how the Living God is presently moving.

But first, to truly see how God is moving, we have to remember we are not above deserving discipline and correction.

We need to be armed with the truth. His truth. The one and only truth in this hour.

We need to assemble and arm ourselves with the armor of God and His refining fire to prepare for how God is going to move and correct in our nation.

God will deliver us. It is His covenant; His promise.

But we need to make room for how He needs to cleanse the evil in order to restore our nation.


Phillip Fields has felt led to go to the main intersection of our city and pray on the sidewalk to seek God for revival for our community every day for an hour. This time has brought such powerful moments and encounters with God.

Phillip received a word from the Lord this week during his pray time at the intersection.

This Sunday he teaches out of the book of Habakkuk to share what the Lord showed him this week. He takes us through the story and cultural context of Habakkuk and how it is relevant today.

Instead of the traditional blog, watch this week's sermon by Phillip Fields. Start viewing at 42:10.

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