• Phillip Fields

Chosen Leaders Get The Job Done: God's Way!

2020 jacked up our world!!! Normal was turned upside down as a result of the man-made pandemic, the economy shut-down, the race wars, and the radical agenda to take over our government.

Face it! We ain't in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

Leadership is the answer to all of our problems. We can spend our days complaining about our situation or we can get busy doing something about it.

Complaints typically kill the move of God but the early church made good use of their problems in Acts 6. They overcame a serious complaint between, the Greek-speaking Jews and the Hebrew-speaking Jews by appointing seven strong leaders. The solution for neglected widows was so good it was never talked about again.

You can't beat the work of the Holy Spirit because when God fixes something it's fixed!

What if we decided to handle all of our problems the same way?

  • Pray about it until we have direction from God

  • Seek Godly counsel

  • Empower Godly leaders to get the job done

Early Church Leaders Were Chosen

In Acts 6:5 it says they chose seven men. This was not random or politically driven. The selection process was based on the character of the new servant leaders. They were chosen to serve tables. Serving tables involved distributing money to the poor widows. The chosen were called upon to make sure that all of the widows in the community were getting equal shares of the offering.

These seven men were the first leaders that were not chosen directly by Jesus. They were chosen by the group. They became the first leaders/deacons to serve the early church.

The twelve disciples recognized that leadership is everything. They quickly realized leadership is the key to meeting needs, solving problems, and expanding the kingdom.

What we need right now is leadership, biblical, God-centered leadership. Leadership is the answer to our problems today. We cannot underestimate how important it is that God would call upon people to carry His move in this hour as well as back then.

The Qualifications for Chosen Leaders

1. Honesty

2. Wisdom