Our resources page is designed for you to stay in touch with where Phillip and Darlena are going and on a week to week basis of what they are offering you.
Phillip and Darlena's powerful words and insightful lessons have helped many people from all over the world to create meaningful change in their lives. 
How do you want to change your life? Are you looking to take your business to the next level, develop stronger relationships, improve your finances or better your physical health? Phillip and Darlena give you weekly access to proven strategies for success so you can accomplish your goals, too. Whether you’re looking for insight into how to build a bigger business or deepen your relationships, you have access to all the tactics Phillip and Darlena use in their own life.



Each week guests are interviewed sharing their own UNPerfect stories telling of their courageous journeys. Lean into the hard things with Phillip and Darlena. As they ask the challenging questions and dive into the deep that leads to true UNPerfect living.


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